helps you quickly and accurately create a hashtag for Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or other social networks. also lets you create a hashtag for business and make a hashtag to tweet directly from the site.

Why did we create this website? Simple: before now, no other website provided instructions to learn to create a hashtag along with a convenient method to convert text into the hashtag! We're always looking for improvements, so please make sure to let us know if you have any.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtag is a way to indentify a topic of a social media post, usually on Twitter. A hashtag consists of the hash, or pound, symbol ('#') prefixed to a word (e.g., the topic of this website is #hashtags). Hashtags are a convenient way to add your social media content to the public corpus of information tagged with whatever hashtags you choose to include. Adding a hashtag is a great way for new people to find your content as well as for you to find interesting content from other people.

Hashtags were invented by Chris Messina in 2007. For more background information on hashtags, see the hashtag Wikipedia article.

How to make a hashtag

Here are the steps to complete for creating a hashtag the manual way:

  1. Think of a word or phrase that describes your business or the topic of the content that you plan to post to Twitter, Instagram, or other social media.
  2. Create the beginning of the hashtag by typing the pound (also known as hash) symbol, '#'.
  3. Type the remaining words from step 1 all together as one word (remove the spaces between words).
  4. Copy and paste (or retype) the hashtag into your social media post. You may place it anywhere in the post. All areas are acceptable, although many people prefer to place hashtags at the end o the content.

Here is the preferred method for creating a hashtag using's automatic hashtag creator:

  1. Think of the words that describe your hashtag.
  2. Type the words into the input box at the top of
  3. Click the Tweet button, or copy and paste the hashtag results from the results box into a social media post.